Dup-A-Look 6

Today has already proven to be a great day for this look, as it’s back to being mild here and the sun seems to be peeking out here and there.  And I’m mostly over my cold (yes, another cold), so yea.  Dressing nice has me feeling even better, as it usually does.

Today I decided to dup this look from Flashes of Style, which I pinned here.  Oddly enough, when I went through my Pinterest board, I hadn’t realized she had written, “The weather can’t make up it’s mind, so I decided to mix Spring attire with Winter.” on her blog entry about the outfit back in March 2011.  The mix of florals, the scarf, and the tights were what drew me to the outfit.  Seems like that’s what’s been going on here, and this is quite an appropriate outfit because of it.  Funny how that works, huh?  Anyway, pics…

Yea, I did 2 versions because I really liked that close up one, but wanted ya’ll to be able to see the full thing too.

I didn’t have a work-appropriate floral dress with a regular hem, so I went for this uneven hem dress I got over the holidays at Forever21.  It’s one of 2 I got there when they had their “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” sale.  It’s a really light fabric, so when I got it I had put it aside in the extra bedroom closet where I keep all my long-hanging off-season and fancy clothes because I figured I’d have to wait until Spring to wear it.  However, I decided to pull it out for today–it’s supposed to get up to 43F today, and 48F tomorrow!  In February.  In Chicagoland.  Craziness.

I belted the dress with a black belt and then topped it with a burgundy cardigan (from Target).  I realized I don’t really have thicker at-waist belts in any other colors and I’m working on remedying that, but I had to make do with black today.  I wore black tights and my black Qupid Puffin boots.  Around my neck, I wrapped a taupe ruffled infinity scarf that I got last winter, but can’t remember where.

Overall, I really dig this outfit.  It’s actually rather out of the norm for me in the sense that nothing really matches–there’s no black, taupe or burgundy in the dress at all.  And yet, it’s working really nicely together.  Plus I’m not all “ZOMG CAN’T HAVE MISMATCHING!!!!” complexy about it like I would have been, say, a year ago.  Yay for progress!

Oh, and this is a really good example of how to wear a dress in winter (even though this really isn’t what I’d call “winter” haha).

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