Inspiration: Alexa Chung’s Hair

I’m currently in the process of growing my hair out.  I go through this every couple years, and am typically back at a pixie cut at the point I’m at right now (which is just about my chin, and super layered).  It’s a really awkward length right now, and I can’t do much of anything with it.  I increasingly have very little patience for this length, and it doesn’t help that I’m largely hair-styling challenged–I have a much easier time doing stuff with my hair when it’s above my ears than when it’s much longer than that.  So usually, when I get to this length, I make an appointment at the salon, dig up some pics of Agyness Deyn, and head in to lop it all off.  This is the longest my hair has been in nearly 2 years I think, and I had just about gotten to that “gotta cut it all off” point a few weeks ago when something amazing happened.

Alexa Chung walked onto my TV screen.  Yup.  The first time I saw her hosting the delightfully ridiculous show 24 Hour Catwalk I knew I wanted her hair style.  And this one is actually one that’s remarkably achievable for me!  (Usually I lust over thick, voluminous curls that are entirely impossible for my hair to do… and oh, have I tried!)  Here are 3 pics of Alexa’s cut, though the length in them varies just a little, you can get an idea of what I’m looking at.

Alexa’s shaggy demi-bob is a great length and cut.  It’s long enough for me to moderately style own my own, but short enough to maintain body and texture–two things that have become really important to me since I went with a short cut.  The cut looks like it’s close to all one length, but should work beautifully with the layers that are currently in my hair.  In fact, I’ll most likely keep the layers because they’ll add some great texture and movement.  I also feel like it’s an age-appropriate cut that will take me into my 30’s gracefully, which is definitely a plus.

So now I’ve got my sights set.  I’m hoping for a not-quite-collar-skimming length, more similar to the middle pic above.  As of right now, I’ve got about 2″ to go, which means I should barely hit the mark with my longest layers by June or so, which is just in time for my birthday!  I’m sure it’s going to get frustrating, though I think the toughest part is really past.  The inspiration is strong too–every time I watch 24 Hour Catwalk I “ooh” and “ahh” over Alexa’s hair and how effortlessly chic it always looks.  I’m confident that not only will the length look great on me, but that I can swing the messy bed-head look easily, and that I can even manage to achieve the wavy texture on my own if I want.  I’m really looking forward to getting to this length, so I know that I won’t crumble

Image Sources, Left to Right: Pinned, Beauty, Fashion Daily Mag

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