Random Outfits: February

Winter finally came around and decided to visit the Chicagoland area in February, so it was hard to dress as cute as I had earlier in winter.  However, I still managed to work in some great outfits, despite the cold weather.

Velvety on Friday
Friday, February 10th I wore my dyed cranberry jeans and my Old Navy velvet blazer (that great consignment shop find).  I paired the jeans with my slouchy wedge knee-high boots for the first time and wore a grey tank under a black sweater, topped by the blazer.  I finished off the look with a cute necklace I made myself out of some chain, a pendant, and an old piece of a chandelier I got at a garage sale.  All in all, this outfit was a winner.

I love the way the blue and the cranberry play off each other.  They’re a great pairing, and something I’ll most likely wear again.  I think next time I’d try a floral print with the pairing–perhaps a scarf?  It’s also a color combination that would look great with brown, and has me wanting to pick up some brown shirts (because I own none due to my prior aversion to brown) for under the blazer.

Valentine’s Day
I don’t normally go all out with red and pink and hearts and stuff on Valentine’s Day.  I can’t really recall the last time I did that–maybe 2004?  I guess I don’t really feel like it’s age-appropriate when you’re closing in on 30.  Anyway, I decided to be subtle on Valentine’s Day and go the comfortable route.  Normally, I might have worn a cute dress or something, but I was sick, again, and didn’t feel like dressing up at all.

I went with a pair of skinny jeans (they’re actually Miley Cyrus/Max Azaria for Walmart, and they fit great) topped with a taupe tunic and an open cardigan my husband got me for Christmanukah one year.  The tunic is one of my favorite pieces, and is actually a large top that I found on the clearance rack at Marshalls.  It’s really light, loose and soft, and has proven to be something I can actually wear year-round with the right styling.  I tucked it in at the hip on one side (inspired by this) and it proved to create some interesting draping–definitely something I’ll be trying with it again!  The cardi is from GAP and is super comfortable and versatile.  You might actually recognize it from Dup-A-Look 4.  I couldn’t resist wearing my DIY glitter boots, especially after posting about them the day before!

For jewelry, I decided to layer up a few necklaces.  I started with a plain crystal drop (from Nordstrom Rack), added a gold star and a tiny jeweled key (both from Forever21), and finished it all off with a big red heart locket (a Target find that’s apparently a Juicy knockoff).  The necklace I got about 6 years ago for and thought I’d never wear it again.  Believe it or not, the sole initial intention of the red heart locket was to be part of my pirate costume.  It grew on me pretty quick though, and I’m glad it did!  The layered necklaces were the perfect balance with the glittery boot.

Fab for Film
A friend of mine had to video some of her everyday life stuff and asked if I’d help.  I was more than happy to, and wanted to make sure I looked nice for it in case I ended up having to be on camera.  We met up on Wednesday the 15th after work.  I decided on wearing skinny jeans (actually, the same Miley/Max ones I wore the day before, with a wash in between) with my trusty brown military-inspired boots that I got at Marshalls.  On top I wore a “fashion sketch” tee and a teal jersey scarf (both from Forever21) and a brown herringbone blazer.  The blazer was a thrift store find, and quite possibly one of my best ones ever.  It’s a Banana Republic wool-linen blend blazer, is in like-new condition, and only cost me $4.  Incredible!

I added an arm-party to help tie in the pop of teal from my scarf.  Can’t go wrong with an arm party!  The teal bracelet is a DIY number that started with a rhinestone bracelet from Charming Charlies.  Then it’s a Tiffany knock-off from Kohl’s, and a bunch of others (one from my mother-in-law, one from my grandpa, 2 that were my grandma’s, and one DIY one).  And finally we have my clear and rose gold Fossil watch.

While I’d love to say this is an outfit I’d wear again, it’s so style rut to me that seeing it actually kind of turns me off.  I suppose it’s a good “I need to look good and I know this works” outfit to fall back on when necessary, though, so chances are, I’ll wear something similar again.  Plus, I have a ton of great blazers.

Maxi Dress
I had lusted over this dress when it was at Express, but couldn’t justify spending the money ($60 on a jersey dress?  Nuh uh!).  I never found my size on sale and just chalked it up to an “oh well, not meant to be I guess” wardrobe moment.  Then, much, much later, when I was shopping for stuff for my honeymoon, I discovered the dress at Marshall’s for a mere $25–less than half the original price!  I snagged it and wore it in Cali and Maui in May 2010, as well as quite often last year.  Because of the eggplant color, I have even been able to wear it in fall and winter.  So glad I was able to find it, and so cheap too!

Anyway, I wore the maxi dress on February 22.  This time, I decided to tie a subtly-striped Gap buttondown over it and put a little white bralette top on to lessen the “here’s my cleavage breastbone” effect for work.  I really wanted to wear these great fair-isle sweater tights from Target, and figured they’d be perfect under my maxi.  I tied in the colors of the tights with a herringbone vest (which I’ve had for years) and wore my brown military boots.  I layered two necklaces, one from Forever21 and the other from… I couldn’t tell you (it’s also rather old).  They layered beautifully, likely because they’re both already multi-strand, and added a nice pop of aqua to this outfit.  I went with messy hair, because that seems to work best with this cut and length right now.

Overall, it’s kind of a cool hippie-boho-chic kinda thing going on, with some office-girl and military-style thrown in for good measure.  And I love it!  This is one of those outfits I was wary about as it hung from the hook on my closet door, because it had potential to be a total disaster.  However, it worked together beautifully and, while a total out-of-the-norm pairing for me, is definitely something I’d wear again!

Pleated Dress
I wore this outfit February 28.  This great, bright fuschia-purpleish pleated dress was a sale find at Discovery, and before I wore it I cut these big silver buttons off the top (they were placed rather unfortunately, if you catch my drift).  I love the color of the dress, and really liked how it went with all my neutrals–it was a great pop of color.  I wore it over sheer black tights and black OTK socks with brown riding boots from Kohls.  For warmth I added my grey open cardigan, which is from Express, which I belted with a brown and cream wide belt from Forever21.  I added my leopard scarf, also from Discovery, for some extra warmth.  I added a few basic bracelets for some shine.

Overall I’m a huge fan of this outfit, and am definitely looking forward to styling this dress for spring and summer!  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of it.

Leap Day/Jury Duty
I happened to have jury duty on Wednesday the 29th, and pretty much did zilch all day (well, I did get some blogging done, and some reading, and… that’s about it).  I layered up in multiple ways, and decided to try some new stuff figuring that, hey, if my outfit was a bomb, it didn’t matter because I wasn’t seeing anyone I knew.  But my outfit was a resounding success, and I’m for sure going to be taking elements from it and working with them again!  In fact, I already have!  I swung by the beach on my way home to take advantage of the beautiful weather to get these shots.

I started with my favorite pair of black skinny pants from Gap and topped them with a hot pink, open weave sweater from Old Navy.  Because the sweater was basically sheer, I had to put something under it.  Initially, I pulled a black tank, but then I remembered that I’d snagged this great bodysuit for just a few buck from H&M, and decided to put that on.  You can’t see the screen print at all through the sweater (well, maybe if you know to look for it up close), but it was kinda fun to have something different on underneath.  I added my great Banana Republic blazer (thrifted) and decided to try some necklace layering out, with this post by Glitter Guide in mind.  Since I wasn’t sure what it would be like in the room I’d be sitting in, I added a scarf from Target to the mix.  I topped it all off with my brown military style boots and my purple bag (which you can see a little in the first shot above).

Again, I loved the way this outfit came together.  The layers and textures were really interesting and worked wonderfully.  This sweater is another piece I can’t wait to style for spring and summer.  I have a summery maxi dress it’ll be just lovely over!

So that’s it for February!  A short month, but I already have stuff from March shot, so stay tuned!

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