Budget Fashion Fix: Tribal Wedges

Wedges are all the rage for spring (much to the dismay of my husband, I’m sure–he hates wedges) and among the amazing selection of super-cute wedges are floral prints, bright neons, colorblocking, and tribal prints.  I’ve decided, in this edition of BFF, to focus on the tribal print wedge.

Steve Madden’s Winnona is really cute.  Available in two great color/pattern combos, it looks like a great spring-summer shoe–one that would mix well with both the pastels and the neons appearing in all the color palettes.  Heck, it could even move into fall, most likely, with dark tights or skinny ankle pants.  But at $99.95, the price is kind of steep.

The Winnona is all fabric with a man-made sole.  It’s got a whopping 5″ heel and a 1″ platform (so a 4″ “real” heel height).  The ankle strap and crisscross strap at the toe make it look like this wedge would hold your foot nicely though.  It could be a good buy, if you would get a lot of wear out of it and could stretch it across 3 seasons.  But if you can’t (or don’t want to) drop $99.95 on a pair of trendy wedges, there’s another option.

The Inlet Tribal Strappy Open Toe Wedge, from UrbanOg.com is going to be your best bet.  Sure, the pattern’s different, but the overall shape of the shoe is pretty much an exact match.  The heel is 4.5″ with a 1.35″ platform (which means a “real” heel height of 3.15″), which is a little lower than Steve Madden’s shoe.  The straps appear to be a little thinner too, but have the same ankle strap and crisscross at the toe.

The Inlet Tribal wedge is also man made, and is available in three colors (red is shown, but there’s black and blue as well), all of which have a blend of other colors as well, meaning this shoe will mix and match easily too.  And it’s about $70 less than the Winnona, ringing up (before shipping) at $28.40.  That means that you don’t have to splurge on the tribal wedge trend if it’s one you don’t see yourself wearing often.

There are a few other options too, of course.  Bakers has a shoe by Blowfish called the Timo that’s $69 (on the left below).  The straps are different, and there’s a ruffled band going down the front of the foot.  It’s a more subtle striped pattern that’s very colorful and may work for some better than the in-your-face look of the Winnona or the Inlet.  It still has a pretty high heel, measuring 4.25″ with a 1.25″ platform (for a 3″ “real” heel).  The Timo is available in two colors.

If you want something that will be a little more secure, the Bamboo Mirage (also at UrbanOg.com) might be for you.  It’s got crisscross straps all the way from the toe to the ankle, and a cork and fabric platform/wedge that’s really pretty (pictured below, in the middle).  The pattern is also more striped than bold tribal (like above), but it’s a good option if you like the look and want something that might hold your foot better.  The heel’s pretty high, at 4.95″ with a 1/25″ platform (a “real” heel of 3.7″) and the Mirage is available in two colors for just $28.10

If a high heel isn’t your thing, Charlotte Russe has your answer in their 3-Strap Sarape Wedge (on the right below).  The wedge is only 1″, and the shape and pattern are similar to the Timo.  But it’s a great option if you want the look, don’t want the height, and love the price of the Inlet.  Charlotte Russe’s wedge is just $28.50, though there are no color options.


So, what do you think?  Are you going to jump on the tribal wedge bandwagon for spring?  Or do you prefer floral prints or color blocking instead?

4 comments for “Budget Fashion Fix: Tribal Wedges

  1. February 9, 2012 at 9:18 PM

    out of these, i like the winnona sooooo much! they are adorable

  2. February 10, 2012 at 5:07 AM

    Greta Blog post. Loving the shoes they look great.


  3. Rachel Jay
    February 10, 2012 at 10:39 AM

    Yea, I adore the Winnona as well. But I’m also actually a big fan of the Mirage as well. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be getting either… I’ve put myself on a “no new stuff” restriction :/

  4. March 6, 2012 at 12:04 PM


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