Dup-A-Look 5

So today at work it’s “wear your sports/football stuff” day, in honor of the Super Bowl (and our pot luck).  I have one football shirt… a Bears jersey that I snagged from the boys’ section of Goodwill for this shoot.

It’s currently at the bottom of my hamper.

Originally, I was going to just nix the whole football thing and wear this.  But while I was laying in bed snuggling with the dog this morning, waiting for hubs to be done getting ready, I was thinking about what else I could wear.  Then I remembered that I had bought a ‘vintage’ (not sure if it’s really vintage, or just a repro) Aerosmith shirt.  A quick Google confirmed that they played the 2001 Super Bowl halftime show (along with, of all people, N*Sync and Brittany Spears… odd, but it was 2001).

So that’s what I decided to wear.  An Aerosmith tee.  Instead of sports stuff.

The challenge then became: how to style it for work.  Enter Chictopia.  A quick search for “band tee” on Chictopia brought up a ton of great options, a few of which I pinned.  But after a quick browse through the results while standing in front of the closet, I decided on this.  I had everything to make it work, so I did!

I’m wearing a pair of older, grey skinny pants from GAP, my thrifted Michael Kors blazer, my Aerosmith tee (which I got in Davenport), and my brown combat-inspired boots.  I kept accessories simple, like the original look, and am only wearing my clear and rose gold Fossil watch, my “oui/non” earrings, and glasses.  I threw on some smudgy grey eyeliner and mascara, with a quick sweep of blush, and that’s it.  I kept my hair a little on the messy side.

Overall, I’m a fan of this look.  I’m wearing the MK blazer a little prematurely, as I had really planned on making sure the couple of small stains were gone, and I was going to fix the pulls on the sleeves, but oh well.  You can’t really see any of that any way in the pics, and aside from a couple of really bad pulls on one sleeve, the rest aren’t that noticeable either.  It’s proving to be quite comfortable for sitting at the computer–some blazers can be tight across the back when typing, I find, but this one’s not.  Overall, I’m pretty thrilled with the whopping $6 purchase!

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