Random Outfits: January

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, and normally I would have done it earlier.  However, I was sick for about a week and a half in early January, which meant I didn’t particularly care about looking all that cute (or, on some days, remotely presentable).  Anyway, here are some of my favorite outfits for the month of January.

Lace Dress
I got this dress at the SchoolHouse Swap event back in  early December, and finally figured out a way to wear it for winter.  Yay for the relatively mild winter we’ve had here and getting to wear dresses and cute stuff much longer than normal!  This outfit was full of layery goodness, and amazingly comfortable.  I wore the dress over black sweater tights and then topped it with my dark grey cowl neck sweater, which I belted with a brown braided belt.  I tied the brown belt in with a pair of brown lace-up combat style boots.  I topped it all with a great black DKNY open cardigan vest that my mom got me at TJ Maxx when we were out a couple months ago.  I added a bunch of bracelets in mixed metals and textures, and that was it.  I went with minimal makeup (as usual) and messier hair.

With lighter tights and a different sweater (or maybe even just the vest), this is an outfit I could transition into spring easily.

Nani’s Cardigan
I wore this on Friday the 13th, and could easily wear this over and over and over.  It was so gloriously comfortable and perfect for winter.  If I recall correctly, it was one of the first really cold days, and I knew I’d be freezing at the office.  I decided to wear my grandma’s wool cardigan (which is also listed in the above-linked post) over a black tee, black skinny pants from GAP, and my Costco “ugg” boots.  I wore wool socks too, and was so perfectly cozy that day.  And I didn’t look like a schlep either, which is good.  To keep the ultra-thick cardigan from looking frumpy and adding pounds, I belted it at my waist.  This actually had a beautiful effect as it managed to highlight the nice lines of the cardigan on top of giving me a lovely hourglass shape.  Makeup and hair were pretty basic.

Yea that’s right.  I’m a style blogger, and I’m actually wearing knockoff Ugg boots in an outfit post.  What of it?

Cranberry Jeans
Yup, wore the jeans I dyed again recently (January 18th, actually… just before I got sick)!  I’ve worn them more since dying them already than I had before dying them.  Crazy how that works, isn’t it?  Anyway, this time I wore them with a longer black tank under my dark grey cowl neck sweater, and again with my faux-Uggs.  I loaded up my arm with a bunch of bracelets, including my amethyst Oprah bracelet from the mother-in-law and a my new teal spray painted rhinestone piece.  Added a little bit of extra color and sparkle to an otherwise simple outfit.

My husband tells me these particular boots look like Muppet feet, and I totally see that in this pic, haha!  I know, I know, not only am I sporting them, but I did it twice.  Bear with me, it was cold-but-not-icy here in the ‘burbs (I don’t wear these boots when it’s icy because they have no traction, and I found that out the hard way last winter).

Judging the Raw Talent Model Competition
I was selected to judge the Raw Talent Clothing Model Competition that was held Friday, January 20th in Milwaukee.  Despite the absolutely gross weather and 8″ or so of snow, my friend Christin and I made it up there with enough time for me to change into something suitable for judging.  I wore my new In Love With Fashion asymmetrical black pleated dress (which I got for 50% off) over a black tank and torn skinnies.

They ended up delaying things a little because of the weather, so Christin had some fun with my hair while we waited, giving me a super cute side braid and tiny little bun-like things along the nape of my neck.  I still wore my glasses, but sported a teal lid, a little bit of contouring, and some NARS Orgasm on my cheeks with a light shimmer gloss.  I added glitter polish to my nails for some extra pop, and stacked all those mixed bracelets on my wrist.  I also recently got these cute earrings on sale at Macy’s.  One says “oui” and the other says “non”, so I wear “oui” on the side where I have my triple helix.

And then there’s my shoes :swoon:  I got them on New Year’s Eve, when my husband decided he’d drag me into DSW for “just 15 minutes”, without my wallet.  15 minutes turned into over an hour because he couldn’t decide what shoes to get.  Meanwhile, 20 minutes in I found these beauties by Zigo Soho on clearance for just $60 (from over $100) and proceeded to spend the rest of the time walking around the store in them.  Needless to say, hubby bought them for me, because he’s awesome.  I wore them that night, as well as for this event, and have no regrets.  They’re a 6″ heel with a 2″ platform yet they’re shockingly comfortable.  I absolutely adore them, in all their impractical glory.  Yea, they’re a JC Lita knockoff, but I like the silhouette much better.

My piercing is healed, despite a minor setback with a slight infection.  I had the top two earrings changed out, but the middle one is still long and I need a shorter post for it still (it’s sticking out really funny, which makes the holes look all misaligned–they’re not, I promise!).  I also need to get a new earring for the bottom one, as the shorter post was too short.  But it’s getting to where I want it.

Mustard Jeans
Getting more and more confident styling these, as well as wearing them with bright colors.  When I wore them for day 4 of my 21 Day Challenge, I paired them with a fuchsia top, and I really liked the way the 2 colors looked together.  So on January 24 I wore them with a similarly colored top… the one I snagged at the clothing swap!  Because the top is sleeveless, I added my thrifted boy’s Van Heusen blazer over it.  I twisted two dramatically different scarves together and wrapped them around my neck for some more warmth, and tied the teal in by wearing my wonderful peacock booties, which I showed off by cuffing the jeans.

This outfit was loosely inspired by this outfit posted by Cheap & Chic in Chicago.  I really liked the pop of color under the blazer with the gold pants, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I love how it turned out, especially with the extra textures created by the twisted scarves!  Definitely something I’d wear again!

Midi Skirt
I posted about this skirt before, bragging that I got it for a steal at $3.97.  I wasn’t 100% sure about the length initially, because it had potential to make me look stumpy, but couldn’t pass it up.  And I’m definitely glad I didn’t, because I felt incredible wearing this!  The fabric is beautifully flowy and light, which makes this really fun to walk in, and it hit me in a spot that just works nicely.  I think the dark color helps keep it looking lean and not shortening me more.  I wore this January 27 and paired it with a sold black sweater, plain black tights, and brown military-inspired boots (that have a little bit of a heel).  To tie the brown in, I added a leopard scarf that has hints of mint and red.  Perfect!

As I mentioned, I felt great in this outfit.  I love the versatility of this skirt and how easy it is to dress it up or dress it down.  This is definitely a piece I’m reserving for heels though, as I feel it’d make me go stumpy if I wear it with flats.  Looking forward to styling this for spring (and I mean real spring, not this spring-like winter we’ve had).

Neon Tee
I pinned a similar look to do Dup-A-Look on at some point, and snagged a neon yellow tee from Forever21 last week so that I could.  I wasn’t really in the mood for pleather-front pants and super high heels on January 28, because I felt they were a little too dressy for a casual house-warming party.  So instead, I took some cues from the look I pinned and wore torn skinnies with my brown combat-inspired boots.  I layered a black waffle-knit cardigan from Gap over the tee, and topped it off with my lovely fur vest (suede side out).  I added an arm party, including a new clear and rose gold Fossil watch I got that I’m obsessed with.  I pulled inspiration from the teal bracelet (a DIY) for my eye makeup and did a solid teal lid with a neutral lip and some light contouring.  Oh, and my “oui/non” earrings.

Definitely loved this look and got tons of complements on my vest (which is a favorite piece of mine).  Looking forward to the challenge the neon yellow tee is going to present… it’s so much brighter than pretty much anything I have.  But I love the way the color looks on me, so yea.

Bleached Jeans
I can’t lie, I had originally bought these jeans for a Halloween costume 2 years ago (I was Pat Benatar for work–sorry no pics).  I loved them, but knew Halloween was the only chance I’d get to wear them for work.  I figured they’d be one of those pieces I’d hang onto, shoot in occasionally, and never really wear otherwise.  Then, one day, I decided to wear them on a day off work.  I got tons of complements!  Since then, I’ve been trying to wear them here and there, because, let’s face it, they’re pretty flippin’ awesome.  On Sunday the 29th I wore them with a black studded tee (one of those amazing Kohl’s bargains–I think this was $4 a few years ago and I adore it), which I topped with a grey military style jacket and my brown fur vest again. For the third day in a row, I wore my brown boots.

Loved this outfit, though I was a little chilly because genius here didn’t bring an additional coat, but oh well!  These jeans have proven to be a fun challenge for me, and I’m glad I’ve started wearing them.  At the very least, it means I didn’t waste my money on them for just a Halloween costume!

Glitter Boots
I posted about them already, along with a couple pics of this look, but here’s more of my awesome glitter boots!  I’ll be posting a full post about how I did everything soon, but in the meantime, you’ll just have to marvel over how wonderful they are.  I paired them with a very un-January-like outfit for the last day of the month; it was in the mid-50’s!  I wore a high-low sheer skirt from H&M with my great grey cowl-neck sweater (over a black tank) and black tights.  For a little interest, I added a pearl and chain necklace as well as a thick gold chain around my neck, and my new Fossil watch on one wrist.  I had my grandma’s bag with me for pics too, since I didn’t want to put it on the wet ground.

Overall, big fan of this outfit.  And I got a lot of complements on my sparkly boots at work.  For sure I’m looking forward to a “real” spring version of this outfit and wearing this skirt in summer as well.

So that’s it!
A long post with tons of random January outfits for you.  There’s February ones as well, but I’ll have to post those in March… otherwise, it’ll get way too long!  Stay tuned for more random outfits!

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