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Some more Link Love for you, from me.  Again, rather random, but that’s what’s fun about this, right?  Right!

  • Dear Future Boyfriend While this technically doesn’t apply to me (being married and all), I find pretty much every webcomic posted to be something I totally relate to, and always find myself smiling when I see the latest post.
  • Thanks, I Made It Another crafty blog that I stumbled upon looking for ideas for stuff to glitter.  She’s got some fantastic ideas and DIYs, which means TIMI is definitely worth checking out if you’re remotely into making stuff.
  • The Makeup Bandit A local makeup artist’s blog with tips, tricks, and all sorts of great stuff.  Zee shares a lot of what she learns about skin, makeup and more here.  Worth a read!
  • Pinterest I post about this a lot, and know a ton of others who are addicted, but I figure I’d openly declare my Pinterest addiction love. It’s basically a virtual bulletin board where you can pin… pretty much anything. It’s excellent for collecting recipes, fashion inspiration, craft projects, party ideas, and much, much more.  Feel free to ask me for an invite if you need one!
  • Flirty Cupcakes One of Chicago’s local cupcake trucks that frequently makes trips out to the ‘burbs.  If you’ve had even just one, you’ll understand why there’s always a line.  My favorite is the McDreamy.
  • WTForever21 Don’t get me wrong, I love Forever21, but this blogger’s hilarious take on some of the items they offer is just too good to miss!

So there you have it, another round of Link Love.  Check out the above sites.  Maybe some of them will soon become your favorites too!

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2 comments for “Link Love

  1. February 22, 2012 at 10:41 AM the WTF21 blog!! Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. Rachel Jay
    February 23, 2012 at 4:58 PM

    Yea, I definitely appreciate that blog–I know I’ve definitely been like “WTF is this?!” when at the store or shopping online there before haha!

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