You’re Invited! Check Out Stylitics

I was recently given a code to invite all my fans and followers to a site called  It’s in beta right now, but with my superawesome code you can log in early and play around before the site even opens to the public!

Stylitics is a wardrobe tracking and planning website where you can not only keep track of what’s in your closet, but create outfits, keep tabs on what you’re wearing, and earn points to get gifts!  You can upload your own images of items you have and create new pieces in your wardrobe, or use their system to search to find pieces you own that are still online.

I’ve been playing around with it for a little bit and it’s pretty cool!  It’ll definitely come in handy for all sorts of things!  I can see myself using it to plan wardrobe for trips, events, and even for cleaning out my closet!  I can’t lie though, it’s going to take a long time to build my wardrobe, haha!

If you’re interested in getting in on this, just go to and enter the code “subchall” for an exclusive sneak peek into this awesome new site!

Shout out to the Chicago Blogger Network for securing this awesome sneak peek!

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